Saints in Training at Parklands Primary School

Family-orientated Environment

Our staff is dedicated to creating a family-orientated space for our Saints in Training to ensure that our school is their home away from home.

Innovative Learning Spaces

Our dynamic classroom setups include the latest technological advancements and multipurpose environments to enrich each child’s learning experience.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our curriculum prioritises educational and cultural aspects that enrich your child’s emotional, spiritual, physical and cognitive development.

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Our Policies

CBC St John’s is home to the Saints In Training, a family-orientated Junior School that prioritises offering high-quality education and care for children from Grades R to 6. As one of the leading primary schools Parklands has to offer, we pride ourselves on creating a sense of family throughout our Junior School and maintaining a “home away from home” based on the warm and caring attitudes of our teachers and staff. Our policy aims to treat all CBC family members (children, parents, and staff) with dignity, kindness, compassion, and respect.

Individual Success


We have developed a reputation for assisting students who learn differently and, with the recommendations from the relevant professionals, shape our educational experience to afford each child the opportunity to meet their potential. As one of the most successful Table View primary schools, we give the children who require them various concessions such as scribes, readers, spelling concessions and time concessions to ensure that each individual’s needs are accommodated.

We believe in positive reinforcement in the foundation phase. Each of our educators makes use of her own reward system. We also make use of a “sunshine voucher” system to reward good behaviour further.

Our restorative justice approach looks to restore relationships that have broken down due to inappropriate behaviour. This process allows children the opportunity to talk face-to-face to one another and make amends for the hurt they may have caused. They are encouraged to think of ways to make amends and restore calm and happiness. This approach helps our students take responsibility for their behaviour and teaches them that effective communication is a peaceful, positive method of resolution.

Educational Pillars


Holistic Development
We lead young minds through dedicated holistic teaching.


Curiosity and Creativity
Supporting growth and encouraging responsible curiosity and innovation.


Gospel Values
We shape tomorrow through compassionate Gospel leadership.


Individualistic Approach
Guiding the growth and unique potential of each student.


The Foundation Phase

Grade R to Grade 3

Our three learning areas in this phase include:


Each classroom has an exciting reading environment that encourages and enriches our children’s learning.


We follow the Singapore Mathematics Curriculum, where the focus is on the conceptual understanding of maths.

Life Skills

We ensure holistic well-being through physical and religious education and various creative opportunities.

Intermediate Phase
Grade 4 to Grade 6

Our curriculum consists of the following:

  • English Home Language/First Additional Language
  • Afrikaans Home Language/First Additional Language
  • Mathematics
  • Natural Science
  • Technology
  • Life Orientation
  • Music
  • Art

In addition to these subjects, our students participate in lessons for religious education, physical education, creative arts, IT, performing arts and library.

Step into our Parklands
Primary School classroom!
We enhance and enrich the children’s learning experience by utilising various forms of technology. This is further ensured by maintaining attractively decorated classrooms so each child can find themselves in a safe, secure and aesthetically pleasing environment. Our “Think Tank Zone” is a recent addition to the Junior School.  This multipurpose venue features various interactive learning tools and serves as one of the many differentiators of our Parklands primary school.

Like the other Table View primary schools surrounding us, we follow the CAPS Curriculum set out by the Western Cape Education Department.