Little Saints

Our Little Saints early childhood development centre offers your child a comprehensive, holistic education from Grade 000 to Grade 0. Our dedicated staff ensure that the transition between each grade is as effortless as possible. This is achieved through a carefully thought-out curriculum that strives to prepare your child for their next step and lay the foundation for a well-rounded individual.

Saints in Training
Our Saints In Training campus is a family-orientated Junior School for Grades R to 6. This school prioritises high-quality education and provides a unique approach to learning that ensures the success of every student. We pride ourselves on giving students a home away from home with caring attitudes from all educators and staff.
Saints Among Us
Our Saints Among Us campus is a Senior School offering high-quality education and care for students from Grades 7 to 12. Our value-based academic education is supported by a diverse extra-curricular programme that prioritises and promotes personal growth and helps ensure that each matriculant graduates as a well-rounded individual, ready to live up to their full potential!

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Welcome to
CBC Saint John’s


CBC St John’s is an independent Catholic School for children aged 2 to Matric, in the Edmund Rice Tradition. As a Christian Brothers College, we are proud of our rich tradition and combine this with a contemporary academic vision of excellence, within a holistic educational environment.

We afford ample opportunity to develop sporting, spiritual and cultural awareness in all students. Furthermore, as members of an international Edmund Rice Network, our students are afforded the unique opportunity to form connections with students from across the globe. Our primary goal as a Christian school Table View is to empower students to become bold, compassionate and committed members of society who reflect the selfless Ethos of our founder, Blessed Edmund Rice.


Our mission


Our aim is to provide an enriched holistic education based on Gospel values. We value the spirituality of each person in our environment and nurture them in a space where Faith, Family, Excellence, and Diversity are celebrated. By recognising each child’s potential, we aspire to produce students who are meaningful contributors to a world requiring social advocacy, compassion, tolerance, and innovative thinking.

Our Schools


As one of the most unique private schools’ Table View has to offer, we pride ourselves on giving every student a unique, enriched educational experience built on the basis of our school’s values.

Humble Beginnings

Our journey began years ago with our Founder, Blessed Edmund Rice, who took to the challenge of providing education and enacting change with vigour and passion! He hoped that one day all the children in his community could experience a strong relationship with God through their education. This hope was eventually translated to change after he founded the first Christian Brothers College in Ireland and established the Congregation of Christian Brothers. Today, The Brothers have successfully enacted faith-based education facilities for children across the globe.









Life at CBC Saint John’s
Christian School Table View

As one of the most successful private schools Table View has, CBC Saint John’s aims to embrace each phase of our student’s educational journey to support their development into a leader of tomorrow! We guide the success of each student by ensuring an interest in their development that extends beyond their academic capabilities.

We have created an environment that aims to positively challenge students to think critically, prioritise innovation and remain persistent in their goals to shape them for their future roles in society. This allows for a strong sense of self in every student. For more information about our Christian school Table View, please get in touch.

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