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Our story began with our Founder Blessed Edmund Rice and the support of the Congregation of the Christian Brothers. While to others, the task of educating Ireland’s poorer community seemed impossible, to Edmund Rice, it was a challenge he was excited and passionate to take on. His heart was particularly moved by the plight of the children in the street, which stirred the hope that they could experience a strong relationship with God through their education. Eventually, he was successful in translating this hope into change!

Edmund Rice was born to a Catholic family in 1762 in County Kilkenny, Ireland. Despite his limited education, due to restrictions placed on Irish Catholics, he began working for his Uncle’s company providing supplies to ships or the British and Navy Army. He quickly began to build a reputation for his commitment to achieving fair outcomes for all in life and education – a value we all cherish today.

Edmund Rice began the first Christian Brothers College in Ireland and soon after established the Congregation of Christian Brothers’ which continued his mission. The Christian Brothers believe that the greatest national resource is the minds and hearts of our children. Today, after 200 years, The Brothers have successfully provided education through almost 250 CBC schools globally.

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Our Policies

The Values of our
Christian Brothers College


We are a proud, faith-based CBC school that cares about every child’s journey towards achieving excellence and success. We aim to maintain a holistic approach to education built on Gospel values. Our nurtured environment strives to give all students a space where Faith, Family, Excellence and Diversity are cherished and celebrated!

We are a proud Catholic school that follows valued traditions. We hold masses regularly and ensure that there is time to come together every morning for devotions. Prayers are incorporated in class and help strengthen the spiritual growth and sacramental development of every Catholic student. We live Jesus in our Hearts Forever, at all times.

As one of our pillars, we pride ourselves on creating a sense of family in each of our school’s three campuses. In addition, our passionate teachers and staff strive to create a welcoming space that acts as a “home away from home” for all students. This is done by instilling an intrinsic sense of warmth and care in all areas.

We thread excellence through all we do. From our academic, cultural and sports offerings to the qualified staff on duty – excellence is a goal we continuously strive to achieve. As a leading pillar in our school, we encourage our students to do the same with every activity they seek out on and outside of school grounds.

Our Christian Brothers College strives to mould individuals who are meaningful contributors to their society. These future citizens will be compassionate, tolerant and innovative in their thinking, no matter their background. Additionally, our school ensures that each student is given a fair opportunity for growth and success based on their unique needs.

The CBC Schools

CBC Schools offer a unique learning experience. By embracing each phase of the educational journey with a holistic approach, we strive to support every phase of development to mould the leaders of tomorrow! We maintain a stimulating and accepting environment that encourages students to think out of the box and remain persistent with their goals so that they are adequately prepared for their future success.
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