What to Expect at Little Saints

Cooked meals

We understand that life can get busy and seek to support the parents of our Little Saints in all areas of their child’s needs. As a result, we offer a cooked meal at lunchtime to our Little Saints at the cost of R350.00 per month.

Parents are offered added convenience in their pick-up times through our half and full-day aftercare. Our half-day runs from 12:30 – 15:00 and is included in our monthly school fees. Full-day aftercare runs from 15:00 – 18:00 and is offered at an additional fee, as indicated on our fee structure.
Toilet Training

All Gr 000 classes are fully equipped for nappy changing and potty training. We accept our Gr 000 Little Saints at any point in their potty training journey and aim to guide them on this exciting milestone. We request that all children are toilet trained by Gr 00.


Musclemania is a popular extra-mural activity integrated into our curriculum on Thursday and Friday mornings. This is hosted by occupational therapist Lourdes Bruwer and is attended by Grade 0s. Here, children’s fine and gross motor skills are nourished and strengthened to prepare them for higher grades.

Little Saints Clubhouse

During standard school holidays, our Little Saints centre remains open. During this time, our little ones have complete daily programmes packed with various free activities and crafts to enjoy. In addition, the Little Saints Clubhouse runs a regular aftercare programme with the exclusion of extra-murals.

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Our Policies

Early Childhood
Development Centre at CBC St John’s

Our children are the future and should be treated as such! At CBC Saint John’s, we pride ourselves on maintaining a family-orientated environment for our Little Saints. By providing a safe and nurturing space, we help prioritise the early childhood development of our children to prepare them for their transition into higher grades.

Our passionate educators will assist your child in gaining the pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills needed before starting the next phase of schooling. We feel that early childhood education is fundamental in your child’s life and, as a result, are committed to building a strong relationship with each family to ensure that this learning journey is flawless. By working closely with our CBC families, we can get a comprehensive understanding of the child and their home life. This helps us design experiences that are relevant to the child’s interests.

The Importance of
Early Childhood Development


We understand that early childhood education plays an invaluable role in shaping a child’s future. This crucial phase, encompassing the first eight years of life, is a time of remarkable growth, and it lays the foundation for all physical, intellectual, and emotional development that follows.

During these formative years, children learn basic skills and begin to understand social and emotional concepts. Our high-quality early childhood development program aims to foster a love for learning and supports children in cultivating essential skills to carry into adulthood. By investing in quality early childhood development, we help parents invest in their children’s futures, empowering them to become lifelong learners, confident individuals, and responsible citizens!

Early Childhood Education
We make learning fun!


We believe that successful early childhood development happens when the child is given the space to explore and grow – and what better way to do this than through play? Our early childhood education programmes encourage children to use imagination and develop critical thinking skills with every activity. This approach helps inspire children to be independent whilst improving their problem-solving skills.

We encourage children to express themselves freely using various media, from water, paint and clay to box construction! This holistic approach to development allows each child to find their own way, within the safe space of the boundaries around them.


Our holistic approach to early childhood education offers a well-rounded curriculum that gently steers children in a positive direction, giving them opportunities to learn self-discipline, make choices, take responsibility, become independent and socialise with others. Despite the freedom offered by our curriculum, we still maintain routines within our schedule through set activities, meals and nap times.

Children constantly learn and grow, and we encourage the development of enquiring minds! Our early childhood development program focuses on exploration to help your child figure things out for themselves. With our open-ended environments, they can learn more and have a deeper understanding of what they’re experiencing. We allow children to explore their creativity through various mediums, such as watercolour painting, clay moulding, and box construction!

We encourage our children to use language to explore their surroundings and to think about their experiences. Through careful and attentive listening, we ensure that respect is given to all their questions and observations, allowing them to embrace the opportunity to learn better.

Early Childhood Development

The Little Saints early childhood development centre is a faith-based Christian Brothers College school that cares about the individual journey of every child. Through a holistic approach built on Gospel values, we have created a nurturing environment that allows all children to grow where Faith, Family, Excellence and Diversity are cherished and celebrated. Our environment is one of love, care, and respect, where each child is encouraged to grow and develop their unique abilities.

We keep our classroom small to ensure individual focus is given to every child in our care. This ensures that we focus on each child’s specific needs, helping them to progress at their own pace and ensuring that no child feels left out or overlooked. We also incorporate the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd to support our children in understanding and growing their relationship with God.

By combining academic and spiritual learning, offer a well-rounded education that helps develop well-adjusted individuals. We believe that by instilling strong moral values and providing a nurturing environment, we can equip children with the tools they need to navigate life successfully.

early childhood education
early childhood development