GET Phase (General Education & Training)

Grade 8 & 9 – A New Beginning

Your precious children are about to enter the Senior School. This is a life changing event for them and you as parents should not feel rejected by their new found independence. Your pre-adolescent is not the same person he or she was just a year ago. Gone are the days where you could fire questions and get straight answers. Now you are more likely to get information about your child’s day in the Senior School by just listening, but do not try to step in and solve all his or her problems. Your being there to empathize with whatever your child is going through is enough.

List of Subjects in GET Phase

  • English
  • Afrikaans
  • Mathematics
  • Life Orientation
  • Social Studies (History & Geography)
  • Natural Science
  • Economic and Management Science
  • Computer Literacy
  • Creative Arts (Two of the following: Art, Drama and/or Music)
  • Technology

We start the year off with a Grade 8 Orientation day which allows them to get to know their teachers, their new campus, the code of conduct, expectations in terms of academics, sports and culture. School camps happen early on in the first term and these serve as a way to establish group identity and for your children to really interact with one another in a different environment.

What makes Grade 8 one of the most exciting years of your children’s life?

The following are according to some of our Grade 8’s:

“…being exposed to a world where you learn things for the first time.”

“…learning new words and how to present yourself formally in front of a crowd.”

“…doing fun experiments in Natural Sciences”

“…meeting new friends”

“…having  lockers instead of lift up desks”

“…starting on a clean sheet, a new reputation”

“…carrying your bag around even though it is heavy”

“…lots of sport and cultural activities to choose from”

What is ‘Fine about being in Grade 9?

According to our students it is not all about academics…

“I have learnt to focus and manage my time”

“camp was an amazing team building exercise”

“a change of attitude, for some of us”

“we no longer have to clean up after functions…shame, Grade 8s!”

“deadlines – what a scary word!”

“teachers are more human”