Foundation Phase


We follow the new WCED CAPS curriculum where we ensure that our education offers equal opportunities for all children. Our curriculum consists of 3 learning areas:


Reading: The key to successful reading lies in a child’s enjoyment. We make use of various fun activities where a child will be excited to see what is going to happen each week in a lesson. We have created a reading environment in our classrooms where we spend time reading to our children. We have many interesting books in our reading corners and spend time in our school library. We use the Oxford Reading Scheme as our basal reader. To further enrich and encourage our stronger readers, we make use of an Individual Reading Programme.

Spelling and Phonics: Learning to spell is a process and we feel that each child progresses at his/her own rate. We ensure that learning to spell is done in a relaxing and enjoyable manner. We make use of the VAK method to teach spelling and phonics.


We follow the Singapore Mathematics curriculum for the teaching and learning of Mathematics in the Foundation Phase where the focus is on the conceptual understanding of the concepts being covered.

Life Skills

  • Beginning Knowledge
  • Personal Well-being –
    • Visual Arts
    • Performing Arts
    • Computer Studies
    • Physical Education
    • Religious Education

Homework Policy

Homework in the Foundation Phase is a practice of what has been taught during the school day. Grade 1 and Grade 2 children have 20 minutes of homework a day. Grade 3 children have 25 minutes of homework a day.

Homework consists of Reading, Spelling and Mathematics.


Reading homework is given from a Monday to Thursday. A list of words will be given to your child on a Monday to introduce the words for his/her new reader. The teacher will then set a required amount of pages to be read during the rest of the week. Short comprehensions based on the book, are sent home once a week in order to help your child to focus on reading for meaning. Reading for enjoyment is an absolute must, so we visit our school library once a week.

Spelling and Phonics:

Each Monday a new set of sight words and phonic words are recorded. Your child should be able to recognise, read and spell these words. These words are used extensively in class and may be assessed in a test.


Counting is given on a daily basis. Concepts that have been introduced in class are reinforced via homework tasks.

Discipline System

The Foundation Phase teachers believe that structure and consistency is naturally the first step towards maintaining control and discipline. Each teacher utilises their own personal and individualised reward systems. By utilising these systems we focus on rewarding positive behaviour. We make use of a ‘sunshine award’ certificate to acknowledge a child displaying responsible, caring and positive attitudes.

However, there are instances where these reward systems are not effective. We have therefore adopted a method whereby the consequences of ‘undesirable’ behaviour is realised. This method of punishment is called a ‘demerit’. A demerit is given for the following reasons:

  • Consistent unacceptable behaviour during school hours
  • Incorrect school uniform without an excuse note from parents
  • Not having the Homework Diary signed. We feel that it is the child’s responsibility to get mom or dad to sign homework
  • Continually being late for school.

Our parents are kept informed of ‘sunshine awards’ and ‘demerits’ via the homework diary.