Faith | Family | Diversity | Excellence

A school, as part of its mission of the Church, should always allow its policies, priorities and purpose to be illuminated, inspired, guided and challenged by the teaching of the Gospel (Sullivan, 2000), and by striving to emulate the key characteristics of our founder Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice.

The Ethos of CBC St John’s Parklands

Ethos is significant to Catholic schools and operates from the very centre of everything encompassing our college community. Its primary function is to act as a custodian to all who work within the walls of CBC St John’s Parklands.

The vision is to fulfil and express all ethical practices. There is a committee and this committee is accessible to all.

So what exactly is Ethos?

It is how we say and do things.

It is how we…

  • greet each other in the mornings.
  • address one another in class and on the playground.
  • manage our classrooms, behave in class and keep our learning space tidy, calm and conducive to learning.
  • relate to each other as teachers, students and parents.
  • organise our structures to reflect the democratic and inclusive nature of the school.
  • develop and implement our policies to enable everybody to reach their full potential.
  • bring the mission of the Church and Constitution into our school community.
  • bring justice, peace, equality, acceptance, unity, truth and God’s endearing love to all his people.
  • deal with stresses we face as teachers, students and parents.
  • create pride and school spirit as we commit ourselves to be the best we can be.
  • celebrate our successes.