Saints in Training

Our new Junior and Senior School facilities were finished in 2015  with an extra ten beautiful classrooms to facilitate our growth.  The quad in the “new” building has astro turf that is periodically used for impromptu hockey practices. The Grade 7 classrooms have stunning views as they look out onto Table Mountain. Each classroom in the Junior School has a data projector, laptop or desk top computer and access to the internet.

At  present, we have three classes per grade from Grade 1 to 5 and two classes in Grade 6 and Grade 7.  We limit our class sizes to 27 students.

Our day begins at 07:40 for all grades in the Junior School. Grades 1 and 2 finish at 13:00, Monday to Friday and Grades 3-7 finish at 14:00, Monday to Thursday and at 13:00 on Friday. At the end of the school day, our extra mural programmes begin.

We pride ourselves on creating a sense of family in the Junior School. Our school is our “home away from home” and there is an intrinsic sense of warmth and care as one meanders down our walkways. Our policy is to treat each one of family members, children and staff alike, with kindness and respect.  The dignity of each individual on our Campus is precious and is to be protected at all times.  Our students are loved unconditionally and mistakes are never held against them. Our students are well-disciplined and have the freedom to grow in a nurturing environment. We use Restorative Justice in our discipline procedure, to ensure that relationship between our students is restored and maintained.

We offer a wide range of sport and cultural activities. Our children are motivated and competitive and are encouraged to participate in both Summer and Winter extra-murals. During the course of each season, we participate in various leagues and festivals.
We have an excellent IT Department. Our children develop a wide range of skills in our beautiful “Angry Bird” themed IT Lab. Lego Robotics is offered to our students as an exciting extra-mural.

Beautiful art works are created in our Art Room. Our children are encouraged to explore a wide range of techniques, creating stunning art works, of which many are entered in Art Eisteddfods. Art works are proudly displayed during special feast days and other celebrations.

Our Music Department continues to grow from strength to strength. Due to this growth, we have two full-time, multi-talented Music teachers and a number of part-timers.  Instruments offered include the piano, recorder, flute, guitar and drums.

Our talented Music teachers also co-ordinate our Orchestra and assist members in learning to play the saxophone, cello, trumpet, trombone, clarinet and violin. This extra-mural is available for students from Grade 5 and up, as well as for staff who are keen to learn to play an instrument.  Orff is offered to our students from Grade 1 to 4.

The building block and foundation of our Junior School is our ethos. We are a proud catholic school and Catholic traditions are followed.  Mass is held at least twice a term, we come together as a family every morning for devotions and after every break to say thank you to God for the food He has provided for us.

Our Prayer Group meets every Friday to offer up prayers for the hurting, as well as praise in thanks-giving for the many blessings we are abundantly and freely given.

We support a number of charities every year, assist with a number of Outreach Programs and have active Junior and Senior Edmund Rice Societies. Our children are very aware of and are generous in their giving and in their support of the needy, the hurting and the marginalised.

Early care is offered every day and staff members are at school by 07:00 to care for our “early birds”. Staff members are also on duty during break times to care for our students. Our Tuck Shop offers yummy, yet healthy food and is cost effective.

After-care, where homework supervision is provided, is offered to children whose parents are unable to collect them at the end of the school day. Holiday care is also offered during the school holidays at a nominal fee. Children are supervised in a safe environment and special activities are planned for them.

This is a school where all aspects of a child’s education is taken into account.  Our children have many opportunities to grow physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. We follow the CAPS curriculum as set out by the WCED. We offer an holistic education, based on the teachings and principals of our founder, Blessed Edmund Rice and ultimately, Jesus Christ. We hope and trust that both Edmund and Jesus would be proud.




Our Grade 5s, Grade 6s and Grade 7s go on a 3 day camp. This usually takes place in the second half of the year.



Code of Conduct

Disciplinary Procedure

The School Rules have been divided into THREE categories.

  • Infringement of Category 1 – rules will be dealt with by the teacher at his/her discretion.
  • Infringement of Category 2 – rules will be dealt with by the Internal Disciplinary Committee and/or the Head of Junior School and or/ Head of Schools. Parents will be contacted and if deemed necessary, an appointment made for an interview.
  • Infringement of Category 3 – rules may lead to automatic suspension until the hearing before the Board of Governors’ Disciplinary Committee.

Cell Phone Policy

Most of our Junior School Students possess a cell phone. It has become a necessary tool to assist parents in protecting their children, to ensure that children remain in contact with their parents, or that parents can be contacted in the event of an emergency.

However, the Junior School is deeply concerned that cell phones are not being used for the intended purposes, as stated above and the self-worth and communication skills of the students are being damaged. Access to the internet, easy availability of soft and hard core pornography, the taking and posting of inappropriate images, the sending and receiving of inappropriate messages, cyber bullying and easy access to a variety of social media make the cell phone a dangerous tool in the hands of children. Of great concern, is the lack of parental monitoring of the content of children’s cell phones.

To see the full Code of Conduct click here



Religious Education

Our aim in the Junior School is not only to provide a fundamental education to our students, but to offer them good Christian based value education within a caring environment.

Each term we adopt a theme which becomes our focus for the term. Our themes for this year are:

  • Follow Jesus
  • Serving Others
  • Respect and Obedience
  • Giving Praise

Each day we gather in our quad for devotions. Each class is given the opportunity to lead the devotions which includes a Bible reading, special message for the day or inspirational story, ending with a prayer. Prayers are said after break to thank God for our food. At the end of the day, a prayer is said before students are dismissed. During the month of May, a special prayer known as the Angelus is said at 12:00. During exam time a prayer is said before writing each exam.

Religious instruction is given in all grades by the class teacher or a teacher trained in RE Studies.

The Lifebound programme which we follow includes:

  • Morality Education (learning life lessons to enable the student to make good choices)
  • Theological Education (learning key Bible stories so that believers can understand their faith)
  • Eco-spirituality (learning to appreciate and care for God’s creation and our role as care-takers)
  • Spiritual Education (encouraging a personal relationship with God through prayer and reflection)
  • Sacramental education (learning abouth the Catholic Faith, the Mass and Sacraments)

Catholic students at CBC are instructed in Grade 3 in the Sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist. They attend an extra programme of instruction called the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, where they attend lessons in our Atrium/ Chapel. Each term they attend retreat days.

In the fourth term the First Communicants in Grade 3 receive their First Communion at a special Mass held at the Table View Catholic Church. Each week, classes gather to praise and worship and learn new hymns.

Edmund Rice Society (ERS)

We attempt to cultivate within the students both at ERS meetings and at gathering times, a deep love and respect for the Founder of the Christian Brothers community. Coupled with this goal, is an attempt to evangelise the CBC students to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as Edmund did, with a view to vocations, both religious and secular. Through teaching about the life, attitude and aptitude of our Founder, the Junior ERS has grown over the last 2½ years to a society which numbers approximately 140 students from Grades 1-7. Living Jesus in their hearts is the vision, happy children is the end.

Computer Studies

Computer Studies is an imperative skill that all our students gain during their Computer lessons. We aim to equip our students with a solid computer foundation that will help them throughout their school career.

Visual Art

Visual Art focuses on developing the self-esteem and confidence of students in a non-competitive environment. Projects are designed to teach formal Visual Art elements and develop art-making skills and techniques that link up effectively with other learning subjects.

Building and developing creativity is essential for any learning and problem solving to take place.

Positive and encouraging discourse creates an opportunity for growth.

Our creative geniuses are exposed to and recognised by two different annual Eisteddfods.

Performing Arts

The ultimate aim of our music programme in the Junior School is to enrich the children’s lives through the development of their inherent musicality. Each class has music once a week with a specialist teacher. Class music lessons are based on the philosophy and practice of the Orff Schulwerk.

Weekly liturgical singing lessons for each grade allow the children to learn new hymns and songs to be sung at assembly and for Mass.

Our Junior and Senior Choir is a much-loved activity for children who enjoy singing. Each choir practises twice a week before school. The choir is a wonderful way for aspiring young singers to develop their voices. It is also a means to express one’s self and this can be a very rewarding experience.

Outreach and Charity

As part of our College ethos and our Mission statement; “to make a valuable and lasting contribution to society”; the Junior School is continuing the work of Edmund Rice. We play our part in supporting the work of organisations that are already doing good work with God’s people.

Edmund Rice – Beyond 250 Appeal:

  • Empowering the Poor
  • Giving a voice to the Vulnerable

Our focus for outreach this year is under the banner of Edmund Rice: Beyond 250 Appeal. This is an initiative which recognises the contribution of Edmund Rice to the challenges of the situation of the society in his day: materially, educationally and spiritually. It is a challenge put to us the followers of Edmund Rice today, to respond to the needs of our society in very practical and meaningful ways.

Pastoral Care

Semper Fratres is a society started at CBC College in 2008 which has become a proud tradition at our school. Semper Fratres means ‘always brothers’. We strive to forge a strong relationship between our Grade Ones and our Matrics which they will always cherish. Our little Grade Ones and their ‘buddies’ share a number of wonderful experiences together during the course of the school year.


Extra Murals


Athletics, Cricket, Mini cricket, Mini tennis, T-Ball, Softball, Soccer, Netball, Hockey, Swimming ( postponed until water restrictions have been lifted), Mini hockey, Mini netball, Rugby.


Art Club, Junior choir, Senior Choir, Recorder Ensemble, Orchestra (By audition), ERS, Drama, Orff Ensamble, Lego NXT Robotics Club, Lego WeDo Robotics Club, Library, Beginner Recorder Ensemble.

Outside Extra Murals

Ballet, Karate, Tennis coaching,  Gymnastics.


School Times

Our day begins at 07:40  for all grades in the Junior School. Grades 1 and 2 finish at 13:00, Monday to Friday and Grades 3-7 finish at 14:00, Monday to Thursday and at 13:00 on Friday. At the end of the school day, our extra mural programmes begin.



Junior School Girls’ Uniform Requirements

Summer Uniform Winter Uniform
Blazer with badge Blazer with badge
Summer dress Jersey and pullover
Jersey and pullover CBC Junior School tie
CBC school satchel Grey skirt with black tights
Grey long pants with grey socks

Junior School Boys’ Uniform Requirements

Summer Uniform Winter Uniform
Blazer with badge Blazer with badge
White short-sleeved shirt White long-sleeved  shirt
Grey shorts Grey long pants
Jersey and pullover Jersey and pullover
Grey CBC socks CBC Junior School tie
CBC school satchel Grey CBC school socks

Items of clothing available at a store of your choice:

Summer Winter Hair Accessories
White school socks Grey skirt and/or grey long pants White or black hairband
White takkies for sport White long sleeved shirt Alice bands
Black school shoes Black tights
Black school shoes
Grey socks
Grey scarf, beanie and gloves

Items of clothing available at a store of your choice:

Summer: Winter:
White short sleeved shirt White long sleeved shirt
Black school shoes Black school shoes
White takkies for sport Grey socks
Grey shorts Grey long pants
Grey scarf, beanie and gloves

Sports Clothing for Girls and Boys

  • CBC sports shirt
  • CBC sports shorts
  • CBC House shirt
  • CBC sports socks
  • CBC tracksuit
  • CBC tog bag
  • CBC sports cap (compulsory)
  • CBC sweatshirt
  • White takkies

Additional Items to be purchased :

CBC Rain Jacket and CBC Peak Cap.

Second hand Clothing

Our second hand clothing shop is run by Ms Ntsume.
Contact the Front Reception : 021 556 5969 should you have any queries.

ARC Sportswear

Physical Address:
Cnr:Mansell/Scheckter Roads,
Killarney Gardens
Contact: 021 556 7265 (office hours)