CBC St John’s Senior School

“A thriving, happy, busy school with a balanced ethos and confident compassionate leadership.”

Together with our outstanding pastoral care, Christian Brothers’ Senior School offers exceptional academic standards and extramural sport and cultural activities to children from Grades 8 to 12. Our school offers students an array of opportunities to fulfil their potential.


The College

CBC St John’s is a happy, caring, co-educational Catholic school for boys and girls. Our day in the Senior School begins at 07:55 with daily devotion followed by a Register period. We finish at 14:45 Monday to Thursday and at 14:00 on Fridays.

Our extra mural programme begins once the school day is completed.

Senior School Subject Information

Challenging, Enriching and Fun

Our College has clear, ethical and Christian values. We want students to achieve all that they can, whatever their talents, and we believe in educating the whole person to deliver a well-rounded, fulfilled individual who is able to achieve excellent academic results. To achieve this, we believe that education must be challenging, enriching and fun.

Pastoral and Academic Care

Pastoral care is at the hub of all we do at St John’s. Our focus is on the well-being of our children. We have a zero tolerance to bullying.  A wide range of subjects are offered and many of our students progress to university.

New Developments and Facilities

We are especially excited about the growth of our College and we invite you to come and view our new Art and Design classrooms.   We are also pleased to announce that CBC has full access to the newly established Sports Complex situated on Dorchester Drive.

Sporting and Cultural Excellence

CBC offers an array of summer and winter sports codes as well as an excellent mix of cultural activities to suit the talents and needs of all our students. It is compulsory for our Grade 8s, 9s and 10 students to take at least one sporting and one cultural activity.




At CBC We Strive for Excellence

Every child here is important, regardless of his/her faith, language or cultural background.

Xenogeneic. The phenomenon that produces offspring unlike any parent. At CBC we will unearth you child’s uniqueness – whether it be on the sports field, in the art studio or music department.

Christ-centered education:  We teach our children as Jesus taught us.

Enterprise. We prepare our children for life after school – the excellent results of our students at major universities and in the world of work is testimony to that.

Love changes everything. In the relationship with our parents, our Christian ethos and our restorative justice programme we mould our students into ethical and compassionate young adults who excel in the real world.

Live beautifully. We have established ourselves as the top Visual Arts and Design school in the province.  Add to that excellent language tuition, our new, top-class drama department and developing music school, and life at CBC becomes beautiful.

Energetic sports participation ensures that our children learn the meaning of a healthy mind equals a healthy body.

Novel and innovative use of technology in teaching ensures that we are preparing our students for tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities.

Compassion and care for your child is essential at CBC.  Therefore our skilled team of well-trained counsellors take care of our students’ emotional, educational and social needs.

Every day counts. At CBC we pride ourselves in the work ethic of our staff and students.


School Camps

School camps are always a highlight of school life at CBC St John’s. These experiences provide our students with an opportunity to have fun, team-build and develop valuable life skills and are remembered long after our students have forgotten their academic lessons.

Grades 8 to 10

The Grades 8 to 10 begin each year with such camps,  all of which take place at dedicated venues in the Rawsonville/Breede River region and are run by qualified and experienced facilitators.

Grade 11

The Grade 11s go white-water rafting on the Orange River at the end of the year, as a preliminary to their Matric and final year at the College.


Code of Conduct

Disciplinary Procedure

The School Rules have been divided into THREE categories.

  • Infringement of Category 1 – rules will be dealt with by the teacher at his/her discretion.
  • Infringement of Category 2 – rules will be dealt with by the Internal Disciplinary Committee and/or the Head of Junior School and or/ Head of Schools. Parents will be contacted and if deemed necessary, an appointment made for an interview.
  • Infringement of Category 3 – rules may lead to automatic suspension until the hearing before the Board of Governors’ Disciplinary Committee.

To see the full Code of Conduct click here


Extra Murals


Athletics, Cricket, Running Club, Summer League Hockey (Boys), Summer League Hockey (Girls), Soccer, Netball, Hockey (Boys/Girls), Tennis,  Softball, Body Boarding.


Art Club, Debating, ERS, Drama.


School Times

Our day in the Senior School begins at 07:55 with daily devotion followed by a Register period. We finish at 14:45 Monday to Thursday and at 14:00 on Fridays. Our extra mural programme begins once the school day is completed.